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August 2021
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Stouts and Stogies 2019
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Posted by: admin @ 5:53 pm

Come out to the Stout and Stogie event and enjoy great food, good times, your favorite stout, and if you smoke cigars, your favorite stogie or two.

Jim and Kathleen Gilson are hosting this event at their house in Altamonte Springs, Fl. The event is open to all CFHB members + one guest of a CFHB member.

What you should bring; a chair, the Gilson’s have some chairs but if you want to be sure you’ll have a place to sit bring one. Bring your favorite stout and a bottle or two to share if you like. We are also asking that attendees bring some type of a side dish to share, hot, cold, dessert dish or whatever. The club will be providing some type of grilled or baked or even possibly fried meat course.

What you should expect; wear sensible clothes and shoes and bring a coat. This is a backyard party so dress accordingly.
Bring a cooler with you if you like, no, we will not have ice on hand for you. Expect to have a good time with good food and good beer with like minded better beer drinkers. Typically, this event has a nice mix of long time and newer members. Be ready to be able to talk about the fine art of Zymurgy to your hearts content.

Parking: Park in the front yard. Be smart and don’t park in such a way that block others. If you park in a good spot and someone does block you from leaving when it is time to go, we will get that car moved. No parking on the sidewalk or roped off areas (the sidewalk or the ditch beside the sidewalk.

No dogs please unless you plan to have them beside you and on a leash the entire time you are at the event. A complimentary pooper scooper will be provided for you use, bring your own bags. 😊

Kathleen will be making her New England style clam chowder by popular request.

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